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Explore Amazon SageMaker for Model Deployment

Price: $1,000 - $1,500

Deploying your machine learning model to the cloud can be tricky. Before it goes live you may want to know how much it will cost per transaction, or per customer. You may want to know how to upgrade to a better model down the road. You may also wonder how to setup A/B testing to decide which model to go to market with. I will take you through the model deployment scenarios using your own model, directly in your AWS account.

We will kick off an initial consultation to better understand your goals and business needs. This is where we will discuss your operating budget and expected scale to understand the best trade offs for your solution. I will use this information to estimate the per transaction or per user cost of your model so you have full transparency into ongoing costs.

Next I will create and document the custom workflow for your use case. Once we have this set up to your specifications, we will then build and optimize your SageMaker model. I will use SageMaker Neo to train and optimize your model. This will speed up your model while maintaining accuracy.

To ensure your developers can continue to run and optimize your model, I will create a tutorial on the model, including how to consume the endpoint for your application. I’ll walk your team through the new model and answer any questions. I will provide two weeks of email support after completing the project.


  1. Custom Workflow
  2. SageMaker Model optimized and deployed in your account
  3. SageMaker tutorial and documentation
  4. Two additional weeks of email support past delivery date

Set up Amazon Connect Contact Center

Whether it’s for the scalability and flexibility, or to take advantage of automatic maintenance and upgrades, there are many benefits to migrating your call center to the cloud. I will help you migrate quickly and seamlessly from your on-premise call center to Amazon Connect.

The first step is to meet and review your current solution and identify the goals you have for this migration. I am familiar with many on-premise solutions and will provide guidance and recommendations on the best approach to the migration. This will include budget guidance and estimates. After our initial consultation I will deliver the migration plan containing the key product and technical details of the Amazon Connect migration.

The next step is to setup and configure Amazon Connect with the appropriate contact flow as determined from step one. I will setup Amazon Connect directly in your AWS account, including all roles and permissions required for your team to manage and administrate it moving forward. Once completed I will deliver an installation report with the key technical details for your team to be able to assume the management of the system.

The last step is to train a small set of your agents on how to use the new Amazon Connect system. If you have a larger team you can either have your agents share their learnings or we can arrange further training sessions. I will walk them through the common use cases and answer any questions they have. I will also provide documentation for reference and for other agents to be easily onboarded.

Finally I will provide one month of additional email support for any setup-related questions your team has. I have X years of experience with AWS and I have helped many customers successfully adopt Amazon Connect. I look forward to helping you with your success story.

Take your Amazon SageMaker Jupyter Notebook for a check-up

Price: $1,000 - $2,000

Have you deployed a Jupyter notebook already but want to improve its efficiency? I can achieve significant improvements in your model’s performance, as well as any additional tuning you need. I can upgrade your model to include new features and functionality to improve its efficiency, accuracy, and performance.

I will begin with a preliminary meeting to understand the goals you have with your model. I’ll then review the existing implementation and current performance. After this initial review, I will provide you my plan for improving your model to meet your goals. In the last step I will update your code for to improve the performance.

We will also examine how to implement Automatic Model Tuning on your model. SageMaker’s Automatic Model Tuning helps you to train and tune your model faster. I will set it up and show you how to use it on this and other models. Finally we will discuss additional features available to improve performance. I can either set these up or give you the tools to set them up yourself.

Upon completion of the project, you will have the documentation and knowledge to apply the same principles to other SageMaker models. I look forward to helping you improve your models!


  1. The plan for improvement
  2. Updated model code to achieve performance goals
  3. Implementation of SageMaker’s Automatic Model Tuning (if appropriate for your case)