Minmini Consulting Services

We specialize in high-risk projects

Minmini has been offering engineering, technology, branding, and business consulting services to clientele in the greater Seattle area since 2008. Our team is a cohesive mix of technology, business and startup incubation experience that makes us an ideal partner in product and prototype development.

We have certified professionals in the broad areas of embedded systems, machine learning, edge-to-cloud systems architecture and rapid iterative ape-to-human evolution of technology product ideas for companies of all sizes - single-person startups to large enterprises.

We take a no-nonsense, hype-free approach to every aspect of an engagement. We use proven risk and crisis management strategies to successfully execute projects with large unknowns and to turn around slippery projects going out of control.

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AWS Cloud Development

Multiple AWS Certified Professionals in the team with all around cloud architecture experience

Embedded Systems

Real-time, mission-critical systems, stand-alone or networked devices, mobile systems.

Internet of Things

End-to-end architecture design, hardware selection and implementation.

AI and Machine Learning

Supervised and unsupervised learning, deep learning, robotics.

Why choose us?

  • Access to network partners outside our core competence
  • Trained offshore teams for volume human-touch workflows.
  • AWS and Nvidia certifications